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Cat with a Hat Toilet Dannon Yogurt Container Craft

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Hereís an idea for something a little bit different.  You need a toilet paper tube, a Dannon Light
and Fit smoothie yogurt container, a piece of red ribbon and a white piece of fun foam.
Cut a ring of fun foam using the attached pattern and set it aside.  
Take the plastic wrap off the smoothie container.  Also, unscrew the lid and cut the blue ring that
is left off the container.  Using a sharpie marker draw a ring around the spot where the face will go.
Have the children paint the bottle with a mixture of black paint and glue (you need the glue mixed in to
make the paint stick) Donít paint the inside of the circle.  While that is drying, cut a toilet
paper tube down to size and paint it white.  When it has dried, paint the red stripes on. After that
has dried, slide the fun foam ring over the lid and onto the bottle.  Put the lid back on and slide the
toilet paper tube over the top.  Add a face using a sharpie marker and tie a red bow around the neck.
The hat can be taken off and the jug can be used as a treasure jar. 

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