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Trapezoid #1 Cut and Paste

Here's an activity that will have your children learning a new shape...a trapezoid.

This project can be done two different ways. 
Coloring way…Print the all of the pages below.  Have the children color
the #1 Dad emblem and the trapezoids.  Cut them out.  Glue the long
narrow trapezoids first only putting glue the narrowest side of the trapezoids.
  Then glue the small trapezoids down next.  Again only put glue on the narrowest edge.  Then put glue on the emblem and place it in the center.
   Now the children can lift the wide edges of the trapezoids to give it a 3-D look.  2nd option….Print the base page on white paper.  Print the other pages on blue construction paper. 
Then assemble as above. 

Base Page
Center Page-Dad
Center Page-Mom
Trapezoid Page


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