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Fire Safety Review Rhyme

Print, cut, hole punch and laminate cards.  Put a piece of yarn through the hole and make a necklace.  Have your kids wear them and respond to the rhyme below.  If you donít
have ten children bind the cards together with a binder ring and have the whole class respond.

Fireman, fireman number one, why do we call 9-1-1? 
For emergency
Fireman, fireman number two if we catch on fire, what should we do? 
Stop, Drop and Roll

Fireman, fireman number three tell us where our meeting place should be.
Where ever your meeting place is.
Fireman, fireman number four tell us why we should touch the door?

To see if thereís a fire on the other side of the door.

Fireman, fireman number five what can we do to stay alive?

Get out!  Stay Out!

Fireman, fireman number six should we play with lighters, matches and sticks?  NO!
Fireman, fireman number seven what should we do when the smoke is to the heavens?   Crawl to safety
Fireman, fireman number eight can you tell me a rule that is great?
Never hide under your bed.
Fireman, fireman number nine tell us who to call one more time,
Fireman, fireman number ten who is your friend?
A fireman dress in his turn out gear

Instructions with Words to Rhyme
Firemen 1-4
Firemen 5-8
Firemen 9-10


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