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Parmesan Cheese Frog Counting Fun

Take an empty, clean parmesan cheese container and remove the label. 
Open the pour side of the lid.  That will we the frog’s mouth.  Hot glue two
large pompoms to the closed sprinkle side of the lid.  Hot glue large wiggle
eyes onto the pompoms.  You now have your frog.  Purchase plastic flies
there is a link below.  If you do not want to purchase
plastic flies, there are printable flies below.  Print,
cut and laminate the cards below.  Turn them upside down on the table. 
Give each child 15 flies.  Have them pick a card.  Then the player puts the designate number of flies into the frog’s mouth. 
The player who feeds all their flies to the frog first is the winner. 


Instructions with Zero Game Cards
1-3 Game Cards
Printable Flies


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If you need to use up the parmesan cheese, here's a recipe for you to try...

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