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The Ants Go Marching Mat

There are two ways you can use this.
To use as a center activity print the mats and laminate.  Have the children
 roll a dice and put the corresponding number of ants on the paper.  The
first one to fill all their page is the winner.  The children can either use plastic
ants like the ones shown below or the ants from the printable page.
To make it harder, instruct the children that they can only fill in a column at a time.  Give children the option of rolling one or two die.  If they choose two, they can add the two dots from one die with the five dots on the other die to make seven-then they can fill in the seven column.

You can also use this as a worksheet.  Print the pages.  Have the children cut the ants out and glue in place making the ants "march one by one" and so on.

Printable Ants


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