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Apple Bean Bags and Game Idea

Using the pattern below, cut two one apple from red felt.  Cut out one brown
stem and one green leaf.  Pin the leaf into place between the two apple pieces. 
Sew around the apple leaving a ” seam making sure to sew the stem on and leaving a 1” opening along the side.  Fill your bean bag with rice or dried beans. 
Sew the opening shut.  Hot glue the stem into place.  If you don’t have sewing ability,
you can hot glue the whole project together.  Repeat the process to make several
bean bags.  They usually have cute baskets at Michaels or Hobby Lobby to toss
your bean bags into an ice cream pail will work too!
This can quickly be turned into a math learning game.  If you have infants, practice
and in/out concept.  Put the apple in, take the apple out.  If you have toddlers, count
 how many are in the basket.  If you have preschoolers have the children toss the  bags into a small basket.  Let each child have three bean bags and three turns to  toss them into the basket.   Graph the results.  You could also have the children make predictions. 
Give them 5 bean bags.  Before they throw them have them predict
how many they will get in the basket.  Let them toss the bags.  How many did they
actually get in?
You could also make apples in the colors green, red and yellow.  Then designate
a point system.  Red could be worth 10 points, 5 for green and 1 for yellow. 
Give the children one of each color.  Have them add up their total.  A printable
is provided below if you are using this option. 
You will need to fill in the point amount for each apple.  That way you can
adjust it to the ability of your children.
These are all quick, easy and simple ideas to Make Learning Fun for all ages!!

Apple Pattern
Apple Point Chart
Point Addition Page

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