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Math Graphing Apple Yogurt Lid Craft

You will need a green, yellow or red yogurt lid for each child.  It is important
that you have some of each of the colors.  Measure the inside of the lid.  Print a picture of each child.  Cut it to fit the inside of the lid. 
Have the children glue it in place.  Using a small hole punch, punch a hole in the top of the lid as shown.  Cut a two inch piece of brown pipe cleaner.  Run it through the hole, bend in half and twist to make a stem.  Print a leaf, cut it
out and glue.  Write the child's name on the leaf.
Now print the graph page.  Place it on a clip board.  Have the children pick an
apple and identify the color.  Then have them write the child's name under
the appropriate column.  Have them count the results and complete the sentence
 at the bottom of the graph page.
To add to the fun, you can make an apple tree floor mat.  Place the yogurt lid apples
on the apple tree.  Provide a basket so the children can place to put the apples
that have been picked and graphed. 

Plain leaves

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