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Behavior Modification Activity

Here something to help you curb some of those behaviors that need to be changed.  Talk with the children about a behavior that is happening in your class.  Have the child(ren) demonstrate the behavior.  Take a photo of it.  Now, talk about the correct behavior. Have the child(ren) demonstrate
 the behavior.  Take a photo of it.  Print the photos (a wallet size works best).
  Print the page below.  Cut and glue the photos onto the page.  Label the  top of the page.  Cut the page out and laminate.  Continue making more
sets of cards modeling good and bad behavior.  Have children look at the photo and put a yes or no/smileyface or sad face by appropriate behavior.
For you children who can read print the yes/no page. 
For no readers, print the smiley/sad face page.

Smiley/Sad Face


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