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Cat in the Hat Shape Felt Board

If your children need help identifying colors, letters or numbers, change the word shape and present whatever theme you want.  If you want shapes, they are provided below. 

You can make a "hat" for the children to wear by using the pattern below.  Cut
the pieces from stiff felt available at Hobby Lobby, Michaels or other large craft stores. Cut a hole piece of white and strips of red.  Hot glue the red to the white.  Purchase a cheap head band from the dollar store.  Lay the headband on the hat
and trace the arc of the headband.  Cut the arc out.  Now hot glue the hat to the headband.

I am the cat (make whisker movement)
The cat in the hat
(make tall hat movement)
I can tell you my shapes just like that!
(snap fingers)

Printable Rhyme
Shapes Page 1
Shapes Page 2

Hat Pattern

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