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Paper Weight from Candle Top

learning printable for kids

Looking for a parent present idea…here it is.  Save glass candle tops.  Take a picture of your child close up.  Cut a circle from the photo using the small circle below.  Put a little bit of stick glue on the front of the picture.  Stick it to the inside of the candle facing up.  Stuff colored shredded paper into the candle top.  Cut a felt circle using the large circle below as  a guide.  Put hot glue on the rim of the candle top.  Put the felt circle on top of the glue.  If you want, you can put a ribbon around the plastic ring of the candle top.  Attach the card below to the present.  We used a small Christmas cookie cutter and stamped a design on the left side of the words on the card.

Printable Tag for Candles

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