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Construction Paper Daffodil

Print the pages.  Use the patterns to make stencils.  Have the children
trace the large pointed pieces onto yellow construction paper and cut out. 
Take three Q-tips and dip one end into orange paint and let dry.  Glue the Q-tips down on the largest yellow piece.  Put glue over the bottom of the Q-tips and place the smaller piece of yellow construction paper over the top.
Bend the front pieces forward.  Use the trapezoid piece to make a stencil
and trace it onto green construction paper.  Glue it on the flower at
the base as shown.  Cut a strip of paper 1.5" wide for the stem and two
pieces that are 1.5 x 8" for the leaves.  Have the children cut point at the end of the leaves.  Glue the pieces today.  There would look cute
hanging along a school hallway.

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