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Emergency Medical Care Rhyme with Felt Board

This idea was sent in by Susan in Omaha, NE...Thanks!

Print the felt board pieces.  Cut them out and laminate them.  Put velcro or felt on the back of the pieces.  As you read the rhyme below, but each piece on the felt board.  A printable rhyme page is provided below.

Emergency Medical Services 
If you池e ever hurt really bad and you need help right away
Call 9-1-1 for Emergency Service and say, come fast, come fast I need help right away.
 They have all kinds of equipment too help feel great soon.
An ambulance will come night time, morning or noon.
 They will use a stethoscope to listen to your heart.
The boom, boom, boom will tell them, for they are very smart.
 They値l know if you need anything to help them fix your heart.
They may give you a shot if you have a lot of pain.
 It will hurt for just a second but you値l have a lot to gain.
If you have great big tears a tissue they will use.
 They値l wipe your tears away and make you smile too.
They may need to use a thermometer, for a fever they will check.
 It helps them know your temperature in just a sec.
If you need to call an ambulance a band aide will not do. 
You may need a cast or sling on an arm or leg or two.
Your blood pressure they will take for that痴 important too.
 So when they call the Doctor they値l know just what to do.
They will take you to the hospital riding very fast.
Inside a big white ambulance the sirens they will blast.
So all the cars move out of the way, to the hospital you will go.
With maybe an overnight stay or a day or two, who knows?
A hospital gown and bracelet the nurse will put on you.
She値l give medicine and check your chart as the Doctor said to do.
Then you will go in a great big bed inside a hospital room.
And there you値l stay till you go home, that should be very soon.  

Felt Board Pieces
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