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Ladybug and Boy Body Part Felt Board Set

To make the boy and the ladybug, follow the cutting directions on the patterns.  Hot glue the pieces together using the photo as your guide. 
Put the boy on your felt board and manipulate the ladybug as the rhyme
indicates.  You can make several ladybugs and have the children move
them to the appropriate place on their own bodies.

I知 a little ladybug on the go,
I知 landing on an arm and then an elbow.
See me fly around and around your hand watch as on your thumb I land.
I知 a little ladybug searching for some toes,
but instead I知 landing on your nose.
Now I look around and fly to your hair,
I muss it up a bit, then I pat it down with care.
I知 a little ladybug looking for a knee,
I知 just so happy that you aren稚 afraid of me.
Now see me landing on your chest.
This little ladybug needs a rest.

Pattern 1
Pattern 2
Pattern 3

You can use this felt boy for a Nurse Body Part Rhyme.


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