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Ladybug Finger Puppet


This little ladybug is made from fun foam.  Print the pattern.  Use the pattern to cut out the ladybug body shape and square from black
fun foam.  Lay the body shape onto the square.  Then take a sewing
machine and sew a 1/4" seam around the body shape to the square. 
Now cut the square portion even with the body shape.  Cut the wings
from red fun foam.  Then use a sharpie marker to make dots on the wings. 
Use a hot glue gun to attach the wings and the wiggly eyes to the body.

Printable Pattern

These are designed for teachers to make for circle activities or
dramatic play.  They are not something preschoolers can make.

These would be cute to to put on the end of a pencil.
They would also be cute if you stick them on a dowel stick and use
them as a plant stick.


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