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Tissue Paper Lion

Give each child a half of piece of construction paper that is 9" x 4.5".  Have them cut a "U"
shape out of the middle as shown.  Give them a 4" x 4" circle.  Have the children round the corners to make a lion head.  Give the children tissue paper in various shades of oranges
and yellows that are 7" x 7".  Have the children round the corners of the tissue paper.  Have the children put glue on one side of the lion head and glue a piece of tissue paper to it.  Have them continue to glue layers of tissue paper to the lion head until they have five layers. 
Have the children use their scissors and cut fringes in the tissue paper to make the lion's mane. 
Now have them wrinkle the tissue paper to make a fluffy mane.  Have them glue the head in place. 
Then have them use the cut out "U" shape to make a tail and and ears.  Have them glue
them in place. Then have them use a marker to add facial features.


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