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Circle Time Letter/Number or Shape Recognition Activity

Purchase a small pocket size notebook.  Take a marker and draw all the alphabet letters, numbers and even shapes into notebook. 
Print the verse, cut it out and tape it to the back cover
of the notebook. 
During your circle time, take out the notebook and a marker.
Sing the song, but while you are singing pretend to write a letter,
number or shape.  As you finish the song, turn the notebook
around so the the kids can see the what you drew and identify it.  If you want ask only one child to respond.  Then after that child has responded ask the rest of the children if the child was correct.
Continue as long as the children have interest.

**Tune:  Six Little Ducks**
I have a pad
and a marker too.
I want to show you what I can do.
Iíll draw a line and a squiggle too.
Now can you tell me what I just drew.

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