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Tissue Paper Craft

Print the page.  Cut out the circle to use as a pattern.  Layer 8 pieces of a  variety of yellow, orange and peach colored tissue paper.  Trace the circle onto the paper.  Cut it out. 
Hole punch a tiny circle in the middle through all the layers of tissue paper. 
Using a scissors, cut random cuts into the tissue paper as illustrated on the instruction sheet. 
Lace a green pipe cleaner through the hole.  Bend the edge over. 
Crinkle the tissue paper and arrange it to look like a marigold. 
Cut two diamonds from green construction paper.  Hole punch one end. 
Cut slits into the diamond to make leaves.  Feed them onto the pipe
cleaner and you have a marigold. 
You can make several and put them into a clear  empty water bottle. 
Print the label and attach it to the bottle if you would like.

Printable Pattern and Instructions
Printable Label for Bottle-COLOR
Printable Label for Bottle-BW

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