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Vase and Flowers for Mother

This is actually really cute.
Take a large junior size baby food jar or one of similar size. 
Cut a variety of colors of tissue paper.  Mix glue and water.  Have the children paint a small area of the jar with the glue mix.  Then have them
press one piece of  tissue paper onto the glue.  Have them paint over the top of the tissue paper.  Continue until the jar is covered.  Let dry.  After it
is dry, cut a small piece of floral foam or styrofoam and put it in the jar. 
Then make flowers.  To make them print a flower and leaf page on construction paper.  Cut them out.  Hole punch on the circle.  Take a green pipe cleaner
and bend one end over.  Slide a pony bead on.  Slide a tri bead on.  Slide
the flower on.  Slide two leaves on.  Stick the pipecleaner stem into the foam in the jar.  The jars look nice with three flowers in them.  You might
want to trim the pipe cleaners to make some flowers taller or shorter.
This is a nice Mother's Day present. 
By telling the kids they made something that's "glass", somehow they get the perception that the present is so much more special.


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