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Nurse Shape Felt Board

Use the patterns below to make a nurse like the one pictured.  Hot glue all the pieces in place except the shapes.  If you would like to make a male nurse,
don't add the long hair pieces.  They need to be able to be moved
as you sing the song.  Put any shape except the red cross on the nurse's hat.
Then sing the song, identifying the shape on the nurse's hat.
Continue with the song until ending with the red cross.

Tune:  Mary Wore a Red Dress

Nurse Nancy wore a pink heart, pink heart, pink heart.
Nancy wore a pink heart all day long.

Speak:  No Nurse Nancy, thatís not right.
Repeat above verse changing the shape.
Continue until last verse.

Nurse Nancy wore a red cross, red cross, red cross.
Nancy wore a red cross all night long.

Shape Patterns and Hat
Nurse Patterns




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