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Whale with Blow Hole and Rhyme

learning printables for kids
    learning printables for kids 

Print the whale.  Color.  Cut out pieces.  Glue fin to whale.
Cut a straw in half.  Tape it to the back of the whale.
Cut a couple pieces of thin gift wrapping ribbon. Tape to the top of a wooden
skewer that has had the point broken off.
Slide the skewer into the straw.  Pull the skewer into the straw hiding the ribbon.

Say the rhyme on the front of the whale:
"I'm a great big whale
Watch me swim.
Here is my blow hole,
Here are my fins.
See me flip my tail as down I go,
Then up I come and "whoosh" I blow!

Push the skewer up making the whale "blow water" from his spout.

Printable Whale


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