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Felt Board Activity for Mister Seahorse

Print the patterns.  Use the patterns to cut out the seahorses.  You will
need one large seahorse and up to twenty small seahorses.  You can make t
hem from yellow or orange felt.  Put Mr. Seahorse on the felt board and a number of baby seahorses.  Sing the following song:

Mr. Seahorse
Tune:  Are you sleeping?

Mr. Seahorse, Mr. Seahorse,
Count and see,
Please tell me,
How many babies,
How many babies do you see,
do you see?

Have the children count the baby seahorses.  This is a great opportunity to encourage the children to listen to the words.  They are only to count the babies not Mr. Seahorse. 

Mr. Seahorse Pattern
Baby Seahorses and Words



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