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Pumpkin Seed Fun

After you carve your pumpkin, wash the seeds and use them to use with this
game that reinforces subtration concepts.
 Print four copies of the numbered seed cards and one of the zero cards, cut and laminate. 
 Print one copy of a pumpkin for each player.  Laminate the pumpkins.  Clean pumpkin
seeds and let the dry.  They will be used as game pieces. 
To play, give each child a pumpkin and have them put seeds on the pumpkin.  Put the cards on the table upside down. 
Have each child pick a card and remove the designated number of seeds off their pumpkin. 
 The first one to “get their pumpkin cleaned” is the winner.
For a fun option, have the children use a straw to remove the seeds.  They simple put the straw on the seed and suck in the air.  The seed suctions to the end of the straw and the seed can be moved.   

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