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Highway ABC Cards

**This idea was contributed by a viewer**
Dr. Jean has suggested lots of fun ways to use these letters.  To find out
more, check out her website.

Print the letters.  Laminate the pages.  Have the children take racecars and drive over the letters.  These letters are available in both upper case and lower case letters.  These are available in with the letters printable in black ink or blank which can be printed on black construction paper.

These are also available in numbers and shapes.
Highway Number Cards
Highway Shape Cards

To print on copy paper
A    a
B    b
C    c
D   d
E    e
F    f
G    g
H    h
I    i
J    j
K    k
L    l
M    m
N    n
O    o
P    p
Q    q
R    r
S    s
T    t
U    u
V    v
W    w
X    x
Y    y
Z    z

To print on black construction paper
A        a
B        b
C       c
D       d
E        e
F        f
G       g
H        h
I        i
J        j
K        k
L        l
M        m
N        n
O        o
P        p
Q        q
R        r
S        s
T        t
U        u
V        v
W        w
X        x
Y        y
Z        z


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