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Santa Wore a Red Suit Felt Board

Little ones love this felt board.  Print the patterns and cut them out.  
Ignore the body piece.  Cut out one head, hat pieces and beard.  Use
hot glue to glue them together.  Now make at least six different Santa suits. 
One suit must be red the others can be any color.  Put a suit on your felt
board (not red) and sing the song.  After you are done with the verse,
ask the kids if that’s right.  Then encourage all the kids to say
“Oh no Santa, that’s not right” 
Change the color of Santa’s suit and sing again. 

Tune:  Mary Wore a Red Dress
Santa wore a green suit, green suit, green suit, Santa wore a green suit all day long.
…Oh no Santa that’s not right.

Santa wore a red suit, red suit, red suit.
Santa wore a red suit all night long.

Pattern One
Pattern Two
Pattern Three
Instructions and Words

Link to "May Wore a Red Dress" Tune

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