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Felt Scotty Dog

**Scotty Dog Shown**

Here is a simple hand sewing project that an older child can make or you can make and use as a manipulative to practice tying.  There are step by step pictorial instructions so don't be afraid if you aren't into crafting.

Print the pattern, cut it out and pin onto a double thickness of felt.

Cut it out. 

Pin the pieces together and start sewing around the dog.

Leave an opening in the back of the dog.  Put stuffing into the slit pushing
it into the head, tail and legs.  You may have to use a pencil to get
the stuffing pushed into the these areas.
Make sure to get plenty of stuffing in the neck area to prevent it from
getting floppy.  Sew the opening shut.

Cut a length of ribbon.  Tack it in place by sewing a couple of stitches
through the ribbon.  Tie. 

Printable Dog Pattern
Printable Pig Pattern
Printable Teddy Bear Pattern


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