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Snake Hair Tie Patterning

Purchase 3/4" clear tubing from your local hardware store.  You will need
about 10 inches for each snake.  Put hot glue around the flat end of the tube. 
Push a large pompom onto the end.  Glue wiggly eyes and a piece of ribbon for
the snake's tongue onto the snakes head.  On the opposite end, put glue
inside to tube.  Push a smaller pompom into the end. 
Purchase ponytail holders from you local dollar store.  If you are working with young children, purchase holders that easily expand.  You might also like
to put matching colored pompoms on each snake and have them put matching
colored bands on the tubing.
If you are working with older children, you might want to use differing
colored pompoms when making your snake.  Then you can have the children
use those two colors to make a pattern on the snake. 



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