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Sunflower Seed Ketchup Cup Math Fun

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Before you play, print the crow.  Cut it out and laminate it.  Tape it to a cake mix box that has one side open so the seed can be put inside. 

Print a game card for each child, cut and laminate.  Print two sets of the playing cards, cut and laminate. To play, give each child a sunflower card. 
Have them put a ketchup cup, the kind that hold ketchup in at McDonalds,
over the brown part of the sunflower.  Save the children put 15 sunflower
seeds in the cup. Have the children take turns by picking a card, and feeding
the appropriate number of seed to the crow.  The first child to have all their seeds gone is the winner.  If your children are older they can play with a dice
and 25 seeds. 

Sunflower Cards
Playing Cards

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