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Floral Tube "Vase" Art

**This idea was contributed by Kalissa**

Visit your local florist and ask for a donation of several test tube type
"vases" that florist put on the cut end of flowers when they put together a bunch of flowers for delivery.  Take the tubes and fill them 3/4 of the way full of water.  Now squirt paint into the tube, put plastic cover over
the lid.  Put your finger over the opening and shake.  You now Have liquid water color.  Continue making more tubes of different colors.  Now
give the children a large sheet of paper.  Have them "shake" the paint out
of the tube on to the paper creating a splatter paint look. 
This make beautiful pictures. 

Here's a great book for you to "sing".
You can expand the art idea explained above by laying the children
on a large sheet of paper, tracing around the children and then provide
the floral test tubes for the children to shake onto their body.


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