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Train Story Stick

*Brown Bear Shown.  When making the train story stick, turn the stick horizontally.*

Print the page of your choice.  Cut apart and laminate.  Put a piece
of velcro down the paint stick.  Put another piece of velcro on the back
 of each story piece.
  As you tell the story or sing the rhyme, have the children
 attach the appropriate train car.

Color Version
Black and White Version

Optional Rhyme:
The Train Ordinal Numbers
Tune:  Farmer in the Dell

The engine is first, the engine is first.
Choo-choo the train blows,
The engine is first.

The ____ car is second, the ____ car is second.
Choo-shoo the train blows,
The engine is second.

Fill in the blank with either the names of the cars or color of the car.



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