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Watermelon Contest Felt Board

Use the patterns and cut out five ovals to represent watermelons.  Use the ribbon patterns
to make ribbons.  You can add the numbers if you would like or leave the ribbons blank. 
Make a purple, blue, red, white, and green ribbon.  Put all of the watermelon on the felt board. 
Explain to the children that at local fairs people bring in their watermelons hoping to be the largest. 
The judges pick the largest and award ribbons.  Hand out the ribbons to the children
so they can pretend to be the judges.  Now sing the song.  Have the child with the designated ribbon put their ribbon on the watermelon.  Now remove that watermelon and ribbon. 
Repeat until all the ribbons have been distributed.

Printable Watermelon Patterns
Printable Ribbons
Printable Directions, Words, and 5th Ribbon

Largest Watermelon Contest
Tune:  London Bridge
Find the largest watermelon, watermelon, watermelon.
Find the largest watermelon at the fair.
Give it a purple ribbon, purple ribbon, purple ribbon.
Give the largest watermelon a purple ribbon.


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