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Activities for Where the Wild Things Are

When reading this book to young children, it is so important to go back
and explain to children what actually happened.  Max got sent to his
room for being naughty and fell asleep.  Then he dreamed about going to "where the wild things are".
This book provides opportunities to talk about dreams and imaginary things.

Magnet Pages for Wild Things

Coloring Pages for Wild Things

Trace and Color Pages for Wild Things

Make it with Art Supplies for Wild Things

Literacy Ideas for Wild Things

Math Ideas for Wild Things

Cupcake Recipe for Wild Things

Question of the Day for Wild Things

Calendar Numbers for Wild Things

This page is dedicated to Max Bushlack who died from SIDS when he was only
three months old.  All who knew him and his wonderful parents wish he would Have had the chance to grow and dream dreams.  Please follow this link to find information
on reducing the risks of a SIDS death.



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