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Clank Can For Mrs. Wishy

**Brown Bear Can Shown**

Print the page below.  Find a metal can or a can with cardboard sides and a metal bottom.  Powdered baby formula cans work perfect.  Find nine metal
frozen juice lids or metal lids that are the same size.  You can also use lids
that are from cans that have been opened with a can opener that lifts the lids
off like the Pampered Chef can opener.  Cut the pieces out, set them aside. 
Cut contact paper so it will fit in the inner part of the metal lid.  Peel the back off the contact paper.  Stick the character in the middle then stick it
on the lid.  Use an exacto knife to cut a hole in the plastic lid so the lids can fit through.  Cover the can with blue contact paper.  Cut out the house, Mrs. Wishy and the tub and the mud.  Glue them to the outside of the can and cover it with clear contact paper.   Put the can label on the can then cover the whole can with clear contact paper.  Sit with them
having all the pieces of the floor.  Kids love the metal hitting metal sound.

Mrs. Wishy Clank Can Pieces
Page 1
Page 2

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