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Plastic Floor Mat for Chicka Chicka

Here is something different! 
It is suggested to have a partner to help you when making this.
Purchase a piece of heavy weight clear plastic that is 40 inches by 52 inches.
It is available at Wal-Mart in the sewing section.  If you can't find it, you could substitute a clear plastic shower curtain or possible a clear plastic drop cloth.  Purchase bright green, bright pink and brown duct tape.  These are available
at Wal-mart in the paint section. 
Take the pink tape and secure it down around the edges.  Take a piece of brown duct tape that is 13" long and place in in the middle on the bottom approximately 3" up from the pink edge.  Put a 6" brown piece of duct tape approximately 25 inches up to make the top piece of the tree trunk.  Now rip
two 25" brown pieces and place them so that they make a side outline connecting
 the top part of the tree trunk to the bottom.  Now rip pieces and put them i
n place to fill in the tree trunk area. 
To make the leaves, rip green duct tape and arrange in according to the diagram.

Then rip more pieces of duct tape to fill in the section connecting the right
and left leaves.

Print the alphabet letters at this link to use with the floor mat. Purchase the alphabet molds that are shown.  Have the children pick a card then have them
find the corresponding letter and place it on the tree.
If you were working on name recognition, you could make a card for each child in your room.  The card would have a picture of the child along with the correct spelling of their name.  Have the children choose a card, identify the child and them spell their name with the letters. 
This activity is especially good for tactile children and for children
who are visually impaired.


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